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Foreword: What are cookies and what are they for?

In order to provide an optimal browsing experience uses cookies.

A cookie is a small text file stored locally in the memory of the browser, and then in the computer (or in a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch etcc.), for varying periods of time (from a few hours to several years) depending on the needs for which the cookies themselves are preconstituted.

They can also be defined as session cookies, when they expire automatically when the user closes the browser or permanent cookies when their stay ends instead of the deadline set.

By means of cookies it is possible to record, for a certain period of time, information relating to preferences and other technical data that allow easier navigation and greater ease of use and effectiveness of the site itself.

Cookies can ideally be identified and defined according to general categories that are commonly used today, as follows:

A) Based on the subject that installs them on the user's terminal:

First-party cookies when they are installed by the website that the user



Third-party cookies when they are installed by third parties with respect to the manager of the site that the user is visiting. In these cases the cookies can also be read by subjects other than those who manage the web pages consulted by the user.

B) Based on the purpose of each cookie:

Technical cookies: usually allow the website that installed them to make faster and faster navigation and use of the web, as they allow, for example, to remember the preferences expressed by the user during navigation, thus facilitating the procedures in online purchases or in the authentication phases to access restricted areas or even in the automatic choice of the language usually used by the user.

Analytics cookies: these are cookies, both first and third party, to collect information in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site itself by processing statistics on the service and its use.

Profiling cookies: allow the site that installed them to monitor the user's navigation during the use of the site by studying the movements and habits of the web (what he buys, what he reads etc..) of the latter in order to send advertising and / or offer services in line with the preferences expressed (so-called Behaviour Advertising).

While browsing the site installs on the user's device technical cookies, analytics cookies and profiling cookies. Third party cookies are also recorded.

Sisters di Pacicco Anna Michelina is responsible, in its capacity as data controller, the information collected by cookies and the acquisition and management of consent, where applicable, only for first party cookies as defined above.

For third-party cookies installed through the site, Sisters di Pacicco Anna Michelina is only required to provide links to privacy notices and consent forms (if available) prepared by third parties. Please note, however, that the purpose of third-party cookies, the logic behind their treatment and management of user preferences with respect to these cookies, are not determined by Sisters Pacicco Anna Michelina but by the third party who provides them, as a provider and controller, as indicated in the table below.

1. Cookies installed by the site

Technical navigation cookies

are necessary for the proper functioning of the site as they allow the navigation of pages, content sharing, storage of login credentials to speed up the entry into the site and to keep active preferences and credentials during navigation. Without these cookies the site would not be able to provide the services for which users access the site. For this reason, these cookies do not require the prior consent of the user.

2. How to express consent to profiling cookies

2.1 During the first visit to the site, the user can accept all cookies by performing one of the following actions


closing the banner by clicking on the "Close" section therein

- accessing another area of the site or clicking on any element of the page (image or link) outside the banner.

2.2 On the occasion of the first visit to the site, if the user does not perform any of the actions described in the banner but, from the banner, accesses the extended information, the user may


- deny consent to the installation of Sisters di Pacicco Anna Michelina's profiling cookies via the "Cookie Management" link.

- deny consent to the installation of third party profiling cookies by clicking on the "Cookie Management" link.


Scrolling down the page or continuing to browse the web page

2.3 During subsequent visits to the site (provided that the user has previously expressed his preference about the use of cookies), the user always has the opportunity to access the extended information through the link "Cookie Management" in the footer of the site

2.4 The user also always has the opportunity to change the consent given to the installation of cookies through the use of "Cookie Management" by clicking here (link)

2.5 It 'important to remember that the user always has the ability to change the settings on your browser to delete cookies already installed and not accept new ones


The procedures to follow are different for each version of browser used and for each operating system. If the user wishes to have more information about how to manage cookies in the various browsers, it is advisable to visit the following site and in any case to check the help pages of the browser(s) used.

By way of example, though not exhaustive, here are the links relating to the cookie settings of the most commonly used browsers:



Internet Explorer


For behavioral advertising cookies, the user may also set their preferences through the site (the system operates with reference to member companies that use cookies for behavioral advertising)


3. Profiling cookies of third party


1 Analytics

cookies These cookies make it possible to find out how visitors use the site, so as to be able to assess and improve its operation and favour the production of content that best meets users' information needs. For example, they make it possible to know which pages are the most and least frequented, they take into account the number of visitors, the time spent on the site by the average user and how they arrive. In this way, it is possible to know if the pages load quickly and are displayed correctly. All information collected by these cookies is anonymous and not linked to the user's personal data. Third-party services are used to perform these functions, which anonymize the data so that it cannot be traced back to individuals (so-called "single-in"). Where there are services that are not fully anonymized, their cookies will be listed among the third-party cookies for which you can refuse consent to ensure privacy.

The website uses Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics to collect information relating to site usage.


Privacy policy and consent


Google Analytics Consent form:




3.2 Advertising profiling and retargeting cookies

Third party vendors are used to deliver advertising based on the interests expressed through internet browsing by individuals who have previously visited the site These cookies collect demographic information and / or related to the pages visited, the products displayed, the purchases made as a result of advertising campaigns.

They are used, by way of example, to:


determine how many users have purchased products after clicking on advertisements;

- display, even on other sites, advertisements in line with the demographic profile of users or based on the specific interests of users;

- display on other sites advertisements related to products displayed on the site;

- not re-propose to users ads already seen


Below are the advertising profiling and retargeting cookies used:


Privacy Policy

Consent Form

Google Adwords

Google Doubleclick

Microsoft Bing


The consent form is integrated into the privacy policy


4. Social Network Cookies

These services allow you to interact with social networks, or other external platforms, directly from the pages of the site Interactions and information acquired by the site are subject to the privacy settings of the user relating to each social network. If a service is installed to interact with social networks, it is possible that this service collects traffic data on the pages where it is installed, even if users do not use the service.


Privacy Policy and Consent Form

Facebook Social


The Facebook "Share" button and social widgets are services for interacting with the Facebook social network, provided by Facebook, Inc.

You can use your browser settings to manifest options on this cookie or log in to

In addition, the Facebook Pixel cookie is installed, which allows Sisters to track conversions that occur on its website as a result of the ads it is running on Facebook. For example, in the event that you wish to track signups for a particular campaign advertised on Facebook, the cookie tells Facebook each time a user has concluded signed up for a particular campaign on Sisters' website. Facebook compares the conversion event to the group of people who were shown the ad or who clicked on it, in order to provide Sisters with information that helps it understand the return on investment for its advertising spend. Sisters does not use this cookie for profiling purposes of the data subject but only for statistical purposes.

Finally, the Google Adwords/Doubleclick Conversion Pixel cookie is used by Sisters to learn which keywords generate the most clicks on Google and conversions into services requested by Sisters (e.g. campaign memberships). This tool indicates what happened after users clicked on your ad in Google, for example if they joined a campaign. Using this information, Greenpeace identifies the most effective keywords for its business. Sisters does not use this cookie for profiling purposes of the data subject, but only in aggregate for statistical purposes.

To deactivate the cookie see the link

. You can use your browser settings to manifest your options on this cookie.

5. Information provided by Sister

s di Pacicco

Anna Michelina

pursuant to art. 13 of the Privacy Code

Sisters di Pacicco Anna Michelina, with registered office in Via Tiberio Solis 108 71016 San Severo (FG) - Italy, is the owner of the processing of data collected through the first-party cookies installed by the site and specifies the following:

- the data are collected

only for the purposes previously indicated and are processed electronically;

- the data collected by the first party cookies may be disclosed to persons acting on behalf of Sisters di Pacicco Anna Michelina as managers or processors, for purposes related to those described above


Finally, it should be noted that, regardless of the fact that Sisters di Pacicco Anna Michelina believes that the user has validly expressed its consent to the installation of cookies, including third parties, Sisters di Pacicco Anna Michelina undertakes to provide support to users who request it at

on how to exercise their consent / selective denial or delete cookies from your browser

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